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Let's make the laws to not "copy and paste" code!

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asked Dec 31, 2014 in CS50 by TiagoNeves (130 points)
I think the best way is "teaching how to fish giving the stick, not give the fish".

2 Answers

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answered Dec 31, 2014 by Christopher Clarke (670 points)
While you are correct in your philosophy of not allowing users to copy and paste code; do recognize that some situations will require the user to show some extract of code in order for us to better help them can arise. So the idea of completely banning the copying and pasting of code is a bit much. A more suitable work around is giving the moderators the ability to edit a persons question or response and regular users the ability to flag a post if they see it unreasonable according to the honor code.
commented Dec 31, 2014 by Faïza Harbi (11,960 points)
At least, no copy paste raw code, no indentations, no nothing. It's ok when it's really short, but otherwise, it's barely readable :)

And of course with respect to the Honor Code!
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answered Jan 2, 2015 by JohnHilton (1,570 points)
For your work solutions to the psets I agree that code should not be copied in. But to look at the code as shown on the lectures or in any of the books to see how their solution was arrived at is part of the learning process. We need to maintain some perspective in this issue.

Copying code to see how it works is one thing, passing it off as your own original work is something completely different. We are all here to learn, If Einstein is to be believed he only should on the shoulders of giants. ie. his work was based on the work of those who came before him.
commented Jan 2, 2015 by cs50xhelpers (2,800 points)
Very nicely put, John.
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