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How can I have points? (I saw that near to each name there is a different number of points)

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asked Dec 31, 2014 in Feedback by mauricirododendro (190 points)

2 Answers

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answered Dec 31, 2014 by mauricirododendro (190 points)
edited Dec 31, 2014 by mauricirododendro
Ah!...Just because I done a question I have 120 points! is it corrected?...thanks to cs50xhelpers.
commented Dec 31, 2014 by cs50xhelpers (2,800 points)
each user upon registration gets 100 points. You get further points by posting and answering questions. Just like on stackexchange.
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answered Dec 31, 2014 by Christopher Clarke (670 points)
Overall i believe your primary interest on the site should be the assistance of yourself foremost and then the assistance of others hence the name "cs50xhelpers". Thinks of the point system as an extra motivation to pause your busy daily chores to assist your fellow CS50 member who shoes you were once in while battling a challenging pset late at night. From what I've seen you are awarded points for asking and answering questions with the addition of up/down voting of your peers similar to stack exchange. I use a similar system with my Information Technology class at work, you'd be surprised how much you can get out of a person by offering a little motivation tool :D
commented Dec 31, 2014 by cs50xhelpers (2,800 points)
Yes, we're thinking of giving achievements too for a certain number of points. Like being an expert, or even moderator. Let's see.
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