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asked Jan 21, 2015 in Appliance commands by jasonkgreen (250 points)

I am reading through the Problem Set 1 detail and in the gedit section it states that I should see that the Window's "prompt" is jharvard@appliance. However, mine shows jharvard@ubuntu.

How do I get back to jharvard@appliance?

3 Answers

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answered Jan 21, 2015 by JohnHilton (1,570 points)
Have you tried running update50 from the terminal command line. That should do the trick.
commented Jan 21, 2015 by jasonkgreen (250 points)

That didn't do the trick. I still see jharvard@ubuntu (~):

Should I proceed like that or do I need to get it changed to jharvard@appliance (~):?

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answered Jan 22, 2015 by Irene (270 points)
The new appliance is jharvard@ubuntu . The old one (the Fedora one) was jharvard@appliance
commented Jan 24, 2015 by Shane Freeder (770 points)
This. The 2014 appliance is running Ubuntu with the hostname; ubuntu
hence the  jharvard@ubuntu
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answered Jan 26, 2015 by i-angeli (140 points)
by default it is set to Ubuntu, i have the same question in the beginning but it just change it itself. no worry for that.
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