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what are techniques or platforms did you used to build this site and forum :-)

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asked Feb 4, 2015 in Feedback by motaz homsi (280 points)
i think it is a common question in our mind every time we see a nice looking website ...

so did you used WYSIWYG program or something like wordpress platform to develop this site .

thanks in advance :-)

1 Answer

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answered Feb 5, 2015 by cs50xhelpers (2,800 points)
Couple of frameworks were used in developing this website. Notable of these are Bootstrap and a CMS framework.
commented Feb 11, 2015 by robsbots (100 points)
Is the site code open source ?

Which CMS did you use ?

Was it a final project ?

Sorry for all the questions.

The site has a great and very clean look. Beautiful design. Great job and thanks for a great resource.
commented Feb 14, 2015 by cs50xhelpers (2,800 points)
the code is not open source, currently.

Since code is not open source, we cannot reveal the CMS used.

No, it was not a final project.

It's ok. We seem to like questions here. hehe.
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