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How do you envision this q&a site to be used?

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asked Jan 2, 2015 in Feedback by delipity (200 points)

It looks great!  I'm just wondering how you are envisioning this Q&A site to be used?  Do you think it should replace the other "help" sites like the CS50 sub-reddit or the CS50 stack exchange sites?  Or are you anticipating different types of questions than are asked there?  I think having lots of places to get help can be helpful, but quite often folks start to have trouble knowing where best to go, and we end up with duplicate questions on all the sites.  It might get answered in one place first, so the person asking is satisfied, but then people spend time answering the same question on the other site, which never gets any reply, and can be discouraging to that helper.

What is everyone thinking about this?

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answered Jan 2, 2015 by Luigi Morelli (2,890 points)
selected Jan 6, 2015 by delipity
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This site should (and will) not substitute the others.

In the long term the site should become a showcase for CS50 students' works, videos, lessons and (digital) papers, gathering data from students' blogs, offering scheduled help to less comfortable students.

In other words, this blog will just be a helper for the next projects: if we get to the point of running parallel walktroughs and short cumulative helping lessons around the world for CS50x students, this forum could become unique to orgnize the work (unlike reddit and stack_exchange).

As often happens when starting a new project, we need a few days to better categorize and direct people's expectations, and that's why the forum actually looks as a double.
commented Jan 6, 2015 by delipity (200 points)
Thanks Luigi.  Will be anxious to see how it all works out and to contribute as well.
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answered Jan 2, 2015 by JohnHilton (1,570 points)
I have always found discussion and reading / listening to many different sources helps and rounds out my understanding  of issues, thus the more sources as well as varied opinions improve our overall understanding. And to me that is what it is all about, understanding.
commented Jan 6, 2015 by delipity (200 points)
I do agree with this in general, but I guess my concern is more from the perspective of "the helper" as well as "the learner".
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