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Let's create a faq page!

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asked Dec 31, 2014 in Feedback by Christopher Clarke (670 points)
For those of us who constantly indulge in frequent Q&A for CS50x students, I'm sure you encounter several similar questions being posted by users. These include questions about certificate, pset grading, deadline etc. It would be convenient for users especially new ones to be easily redirected to this page for quicker answers and the prevention of redundancy in questions.

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answered Dec 31, 2014 by cs50xhelpers (2,800 points)
selected Dec 31, 2014 by Christopher Clarke
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If you go on the main page and scroll down, you will see the cs50 faq link there. Let me know if you want to add things in that, I'll be happy to include accordingly.
commented Dec 31, 2014 by Va Roon (100 points)
Let's use We instead of I from now on ;)
commented Dec 31, 2014 by cs50xhelpers (2,800 points)
haha, pardon me. sure we'll.
commented Jan 2, 2015 by Irene (270 points)
HI there, just a comment: On the FAQ, about the requirements of the course, the FAQ reads:
"If you earn a passing grade on 8 problem sets, 2 quizzes, and a final project in CS50x, you will receive an honor code certificate from HarvardX, which is the Harvard branch of edX."

Shouldn't it be 9 problem sets and a final project? It's still 9 problem sets this year and, afaik, no quizzes this year either :)
commented Jan 3, 2015 by cs50xhelpers (2,800 points)
We're very grateful to you Irene for pointing that out, we will correct that as soon as possible.
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answered Jan 1, 2015 by ckildegaard (240 points)

I've got some:

Q: What is the CS50 appliance?
A: The CS50 Appliance is a "virtual machine" that allows students easy access to the tools needed for the course. It equates with running a computer system inside your current one. Instructions for installation of the Appliance can be found here.

Q: For CS50x 2015, do I need a new version of VMWare or other Virtual Machine software?
A: No. Simply follow the instructions above to download and install the new appliance.

Q: Is use of the Appliance required?
A: While not required, using the Appliance is highly recommended to make setup for the course easy and hassle-free.

Q: I didn't finish CS50x in 2014. Can I resubmit my old problem sets?
A: Yes, but be aware that some problem sets are different this year.

Q: What should I do if I feel stuck/discouraged/unmotivated?
A: Take some deep breaths and reach out to your classmates via CS50x Helpers, Facebook, Reddit, CS50 Discuss, or Twitter. Many people are willing to help you, and we don't want you to give up.

[ ^Okay, that one was a personal answer, and I can't speak for everybody, but I think it might be a good one to have there :) ]

Q: I have been working on the course and have grades for the psets (and perhaps the final project), but the edX Dashboard still shows my grade as 0%. What can I do to resolve this?
A: Rest assured that CS50 does not use edX's built in Gradebook, but rather its own, and therefore you do not need to do anything. You can safely ignore this discrepancy.

commented Jan 4, 2015 by Luigi Morelli (2,890 points)
Thank you for your hint, most of your questions have been added to our FAQ.
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