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1016 Laser Engraving And Cutting Machine price

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asked Feb 19 in Pset0 by fhsjnmyh23 (300 points)
Jinan SenKe CNC Machine Co.,Ltd.Was officially registered, we are professionally engaged in cnc and laser machines’s design, manufacture and export,till now our machines working for more and more users
Our strength & brief as below:
1.Founded in 2006.
2.Products Scope:
cnc router machine
Wood engraving machine
Stone carving machine
Metal engraving and milling machine
Foam engraving and shaping machine
Multi heads cnc router machine
Cylinder engraving machine
4 axis cnc router machine
5 axis cnc router machine
Mirror cutting machine
Laser engraving and cutting machine
Plasma cutting machine
Laser marking machine
Laser cutting machine
3.China national high-tech company, with 10 engineers and improving staff in total.
4.Service cover design, manufacture,installation and export.
5.Got national machine support 1st grade qualification on production, construction and contract.
6.Got the China National machine’s Gold Award for several project, which is the highest award in this felds.
7.Got ISO9000, CE etc, well-known brand.
8.can issure CO,FORM E,FORM F,FTA,documents embassy stamped etc
9.engineer can door to door services
10.Exported to more than 30 countries.1016 Laser Engraving And Cutting Machine price

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