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Bug: The footer isn't always at the bottom of the viewport

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asked Jan 6, 2015 in Feedback by ben (290 points)
Just found that this system fails to fix the common issue of the footer not being at the bottom of the viewport. An example of this could be the log in page at http://www.cs50xhelpers.org/question2answer/?qa=login&to=%3Fqa%3Dask

Here's a screenshot http://gyazo.com/d6411b2b3ce2208d99d3af1b2f10323a

1 Answer

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answered Jan 6, 2015 by cs50xhelpers (2,800 points)
We are grateful to you for giving your feedback on this.

This is not a bug, it is supposed to be like that, it converges by the height of the body, the more content it has, the wider it longer it becomes.
commented Jan 6, 2015 by ben (290 points)
edited Jan 6, 2015 by ben
I understand this is not a bug, I just labelled it as one since it's a good way of categorizing the question.

I respect your decision to leave it like that but it's not something you have intentionally ("it is supposed to be like that"), it looks very amatour and unprofessional.
commented Jan 6, 2015 by cs50xhelpers (2,800 points)
no no, believe us. It really is intentional.
commented Jan 6, 2015 by Luigi Morelli (2,890 points)
Ok, that's enough :-)

Here is the OFFICIAL and FINAL comment:

We are not professionals (yet).
We are people working for the glory, not for the money.
We are struggling to render the site the most fruible and interesting for everyone.

Now there is a small glitch on the site.
Not true: there are quite a lot of things that will be adjusted, enhanced and corrected in the next release.

I wish to thank both Faizan for the daily work he offers to the maintenance of our site,  and Ben who discovered a possible misfunction taken at the moment for developing reasons.

We are sincerely working to give you the best possible surfing feeling for both presentation and content: stay with us and just give us the time needed to offer a better product.

Thank you :-)
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